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TUJ LJ Community

Temple University Japan LJ Community
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About TUJ
Temple University Japan is the first American university to have opened its doors to Japanese students, offering them the unprecidented opportunity of being able to gain an American B.A. without having to leave their home country. It joins campuses in London and Rome in being international arms of Temple University, located in Philadelphia PA. Currently over 1,700 students attend, including over 500 in the Undergraduate program. Of those, 60% are Japanese, 25% are International, and 15% are American.

About This Community
temple_u_japan was created for those who have attended, are attending, or will be attending TUJ. Discuss your experiences at TUJ, announce upcoming events at TUJ, and ask questions if you'll be attending in a future semester, it's all good.

Your Moderator: dokool, current sophmore at Simon's Rock College and future TUJ attendee (Academic Year 04-05)

Links/other resources coming soon!