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Anyone have any information about classes.....in Chinese?

Hey there, everyone!  I just found this community the other day....it's been really helpful reading some of the posts and opinions.  Thanks, all!
Well, I have been accepted into TUJ....the main reason for my interest in this school is learning to live in an [Asian/foreign] city and culture, along with day-to-day experience that makes such a difference in language studies.  And of course, Tokyo remains my absolute favorite city to this day ;)

So, for the longest time I decided on "International Affairs major / Japanese minor".   And while I still am interested in the IA major, I am reconsidering taking Japanese as a minor.  Mainly because...well...another situation has made me reconsider if I would want to minor in Japanese rather than just learn for the sake of compelling interest.  For the past 6 months I've had to drop Japanese studies completely and dive hard into Mandarin- and in 3 weeks I'll be plopped in the middle of little Taiwan for a gap year exchange.    

*To the point-  has anyone here taken Chinese classes at TUJ?  Have any of you heard about the quality of these classes?  In that same regard, anyone here currently an International Affairs major?  

I am a complete language geek, and I am quickly finding a love and appreciation of Chinese.  I am considering studying the Chinese curriculum, assuming I would continue to study Japanese on a day-to-day basis  Has anyone ever witnessed any brave (and perhaps stupid) souls attempting to take both courses? Thanks so much for your help Apologies for the long post- I'm extremely tired and perhaps rambling ><

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